Private cookery courses 

with Executive Chef Christian Nickel

Private cookery courses
with Executive Chef Christian Nickel

You always wanted to watch a professional chef at work, and pick up a few tips and tricks at the same time?
Then look no further than here!

Cooked exactly to perfection
Basics about handling meat correctly and tips and tricks for the preparation.
CHF 225 per person

Fancy summer desserts for your BBQ Party
Have a look how we produce and arrange tasty summer desserts.
CHF 115 per person

The perfect Christmas Menu
Ideas and suggestions for a wonderful Christmas Menu. If you wish we show you how to do a
traditional burnt punch.
CHF 275 per person

Christmas Bakery
Bake like a professional
CHF 115 per person

The prices mentioned are for groups of six or more
Duration 4-5 hours


Tel. +41 (0)41 399 60 60