Winery Ziereisen

12 & 14 July 2019 

12 & 14 July 2019 

Winery Ziereisen

«No perfection - and at the highest level» is the philosophy of Edeltraud and Hanspeter Ziereisen. The ornamental iron wines are personalities with corners and edges. Love and passion are above all for the Pinot Noir and the Gutedel. Ziereisen does not make «make-up» wines. There is as little tampering with the wines as possible. Spontaneous fermentation, storage on full yeast, filling without prior filtration. Great wines take time - so the ornamental iron plants mature for up to 23 months in barrels, and then another nine months on the bottle after bottling. In the vineyards there are vines up to 60 years old. The work in the vineyards is meticulous. As close to nature as possible, manually, with strict selection and yield limitation of the grapes.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet Edeltraud and Hanspeter Ziereisen at the Park Hotel Vitznau.


Ziereisen unplugged

Friday, 12 July 2019
19.00 h

A selection of Ziereisen wines await you for tasting as the prelude of the evening. Inspired by the menu of Christian Nickel, Edeltraud and Hanspeter Ziereisen present their current favourite wines from other wineries and open the top drawer for you. Secret and personal recommendations will be presented by the wine makers themselves.

CHF 299 per person
Aperitif, 5-course menu, wine, mineral water and coffee


Ziereisen vintage vertical

Sunday, 14 July 2019
14.00-16.00 h

In an informal atmosphere, Edeltraud and Hanspeter Ziereisen present a vintage vertical of their work. While tasting the wines, small snacks will be served.

Pinot Noir Jaspis 2003 to 2015
The Pinot Noir Jasper was produced for the first time in 2003 thanks to excellent weather conditions.

CHF 65 per person
Wine, snacks and mineral water


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