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Saveur Santé - SavSan program

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Combining 5-star luxury with neuroculinary nutrition

During your stay, you will be able to enjoy all the comfort of the luxurious 5-star Park Hotel Vitznau combined with the medical expertise of cereneo,
the center for neurology & rehabilitation and experience how delicious healthy food can be and learn about the positive impact on your longterm health and wellbeing.


Discover the power of neuroculinary nutrition

A balanced and healthy diet plays a crucial role for healthy aging and disease prevention, such as a stroke or a heart attack. Unfortunatley, healthy diets often taste bad. While genetic factors contribute to stroke risk, the risk is mainly driven by one own behavior. Diet and activity are the most important behavioral factors. But changing habits is difficult and requires strong will and

With the SavSan programme, an innovative and unique approach to lifestyle, we make it easier for you to change your eating habits because you can experience how a diet that meets your culinary preferences can be rendered healthy. We achieve this by accounting for your individual taste and smell neurophysiology - this is why we call this approach
“neuroculinary nutrition”.


The concept behind the SavSan program

At the beginning of your stay at the Park Hotel Vitznau on Lake Lucerne, you get to know your taste preferences and set your goals for your personal nutrition and health together with our nutrition scientist and our neurologists. To achieve your goal and a long-term change in diet, our nutritionists, doctors, psychologists and chefs work closely together to accompany you step by step on your journey. We start with identifying your sensory profile, favorite foods and preferred flavours. Gradually, individual ingredients are exchanged, reduced or prepared differently so that the food still tastes good but becomes healthier. By slowly adapting the food, you are introduced to healthy eating and discover that healthy food can be very tasty.

A personalised physical activity plan during the stay helps you on the way to achieve your goals supported by one of our physiotherapists. Individual cooking sessions are offered to get the opportunity to learn from
one of our chefs the art of preparing healthy and tasty food. To ensure a longlasting success and impact on your wellbeing, you can stay in touch with doctors, nutritionists and chef in regular online consultations to implement and optimise your diet at home.


Park Hotel Vitznau
Seestrasse 18
CH-6354 Vitznau
Telefon +41 41 399 60 60

Contact for medical purposes:

cereneo | center for neurology & rehabilitation
Hertensteinstrasse 162
CH-6353 Weggis
Telefon + 41 41 399 67 18


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