Armagnac & Cognac Bar
Relais Gourmand

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Armagnac & Cognac Bar
Relais Gourmand

Be invited to the Verlinde Armagnac & Cognac bar’s very own elegant atmosphere; in which the walls are decorated by nine original works of art by Claude Verlinde – honoring the artist and painter. The onyx stone elements adorned with beautiful backlighting set for a cozy place to drink – whether for long-known classics or fancy new cocktails. The highlight however is the bar’s collection of over 200 Vintage Armagnacs and Cognacs.

Our Bar Team craftes exclusive cocktails with the finest ingredients, an imaginative twist. The seasonal freshness will be reflected in both drink and the Relais Gourmand food. A refined menu of delightful dishes and small snacks, such as typical French bar dishes with a modern twist or specialties.

Enjoy your favourite «eau de vie» in combination with a tasteful cigarre and sip and smoke slowly in the fumoir. Allow the clocks to run on a different pace.

Drinks (pdf)
Menu (pdf)
Cigars (pdf)

Opening hours

Open daily from 12.00 h, only for hotel guests.

Company holidays
04.01.2021 until 01.04.2021



Phone +41 (0)41 399 60 60