Research and Innovation Center «RIC» Lake Lucerne

Hospitality Visions

The Research and Innovation Center includes the Park Hotel Vitznau, the Campus Hotel Hertenstein and the Neuro Campus Hotel, which is integrated into "Das Morgen". All hotels pursue the same goals: to offer added value to guests, employees and partners and to take on an exemplary role while making optimal use of synergies among themselves.

Preserving the past – shaping the future

In the hotel industry, we set an example and shape the future in dialogue with our guests, employees and partners – we open up new perspectives. We build on the solid values of our history and shape the future of the Park Hotel Vitznau, Campus Hotel Hertenstein and Neuro Campus Hotel with our visionary hospitality.

«RIC» Health
Center for neurology & rehabilitation in cooperation with a university research center

«RIC» Wealth
Endowment center with interdisciplinary research of financial markets

«RIC» Entrepreneurship
Business mindset exploration and quest for the «entrepreneurial gene»

«RIC» Hospitality
Ambition: Transition and development of employees into entrepreneurs

«RIC» Art & Culture
National music and theater center in Vitznau for children and adolescents

«RIC» Wine & Dine
Terroir, manufacture, storage, oenophile, collector, forgery and the impact of climate changes

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